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What a Rehearsal Dinner Really Costs-and How to Pick the Theme

The costs for planning your wedding includes more than just those for the day of: You have to take into account everything you might need for your bridal party, your bridal shower and bachelorette party, and, of course, your rehearsal dinner. So how much should you shell out for the night before your big night?
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An Intimate Beach Wedding at Home in Southampton, New York

Alexandra McDonough and Max Bandier's journey to the altar was not exactly speedy. By the time Max proposed in November 2017, it had been a decade since the couple first met as students at the University of Pennsylvania, eight years from their first date, and six months after he had purchased an engagement ring.
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Everything You Need To Know About Honeymooning in Bali

There are a few honeymoon destinations around the world that just seem to have it all. Bali, the crown jewel of Indonesia's extensive collection of islands, is one of them. The rich, Technicolor culture-the warm, friendly Balinese are devoutly Hindu instead of Muslim like the majority of Indonesians-plays a major role in its allure, colorful flowers and scents seducing visitors at every turn.
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3 Tips for Dealing With Your Partner's Ex-Spouse

When we talk about getting married, we tend to talk in terms of finalities and absolutes-your one and only, your happily ever after . There's a sense of this and only this. But the truth is, for a lot of people marriages aren't a one-time-only event. With a divorce rate hovering at around 50 percent, there's a good chance that you or your partner may have been married before, and that's totally fine.
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