10 Apartment-Friendly Gifts You Should Definitely Register For

10 Apartment-Friendly Gifts You Should Definitely Register For

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Building a registry fit for apartment life is a special feat-you've got only so much square footage to spare and the absolute last thing you need to deal with during your wedding planning is more clutter. Having shared a 420-square-foot charming shoebox with my husband (and survived to tell the tale), I recommend focusing on ushering out the old from your place and asking for upgrades. From compact appliances and fresh bedding to functional storage options that double as chic decor, here are some picks that you'll absolutely adore for urban living.

Architec Homegrown Gourmet Harvest Window Box ($40)

Courtesy of Architec

Have you two always suspected you have green thumbs, but never got a chance to grow anything other than a sad living room cactus? (Guilty.) These window boxes are your solution. They can hang outside any window or off any terrace, no matter how small. And fresh herbs within reach for every bowl of pasta are a total game-changer.

Four Studio Spring Loveseat ($1,265)

Courtesy of Four Studio

What's funky and durable and apartment-sized all over? This loveseat. It's high time to toss your college futon or quickie Craigslist find. Fun fact for those who live with furry friends: the tightly-woven chenille upholstery is pet-friendly!

Safavieh Tribal Storage Ottoman ($228)

Courtesy of Safavieh

With compact couches (see above) comes a need to kick your feet up somewhere comfy. Now imagine if that somewhere comfy was also a generously-sized storage bin for books, records, blankets, and the like. The neutral tribal print won't disrupt your decor but WILL add more oomph than a plain gray or brown.

JOSEPH JOSEPH Nest 6-Piece Storage Set with Lids ($35)

Courtesy of Joseph Joseph

Rainbow containers! I repeat, rainbow containers! I think meal prep should be as aesthetically pleasing as the meal itself, don't you? You'll never ever lose another lid again because this nesting set locks together. BPA-free too, naturally. Ha.

Nespresso VertuoPlus Espresso & Coffee Machine ($179)

Courtesy of Nespresso

Let me paint a picture for you: You've been dying for a quality coffeemaker, while your partner's coveting an espresso machine. But you do NOT have the space for both. This combo machine is your perfect solution with slim dimensions and a moveable water tank to fit whatever counter situation you've got.

Old Dutch Dome Hanging Pot Rack ($173)

Courtesy of Old Dutch

Yes, this rack holds 16 of your pots and pans, getting them out of the cabinet and into that precious vertical space you'd never otherwise use. BUT the equally-important draw here is that the rack's matte iron finish and dramatic shape make your apartment kitchen look like a chic French bistro.

Brooklinen Luxe 7-Piece Sheet & Duvet Bundle ($219-$294)

Courtesy of Brooklinen

Chances are, you've been playing catch-up with bedding replacements over the years: a new sheet here, a new pillowcase there. Start fresh all at once with this complete set. It's kind of impossible to go wrong with calming, low-key patterns on buttery sateen cotton.

Yamazaki Home Tower Hanger Rack ($90)

Courtesy of Yamazaki

Your Ikea metal rack has nothing on this dreamy minimalist piece. Make room in your closet and hang up seasonal clothing and outerwear (or use it to air-dry those delicates your bridesmaids maybe showered you with). Plus, there's room on the bottom for shoes and accessories, so they can have a proper home that's not under the bed.

Holly & Martin Zephs Bar Cart ($224)

The beauty of a bar cart is that it makes hosting as easy as… rolling the cart over to the couch. But a bar cart that moonlights as a wine bottle holder and glassware storage unit? Even more beautiful. Show those reds and whites off!

Dyson V7 Trigger Handheld Vacuum ($200)

Courtesy of Dyson

Because you don't have the room for a monster vacuum, nor do you want to lug it around for hallway touch-ups and post-party crumbs, look for something mini in size but powerful in suction. This one's battery-operated, too, so there's one less wire to trip over.