Gabrielle Union Shared Some Stunning Photos of Her Wedding Dress

Gabrielle Union Shared Some Stunning Photos of Her Wedding Dress

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It's hard to believe Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade's wedding was almost a year ago, but the actress's recent Instagrams are making it feel very real. On Friday, Union paid tribute to her August 30, 2014, wedding by sharing some pictures of her gorgeous strapless Dennis Basso wedding dress!

"When you're a bride but also a Superhero and you gotta save the day… #TheWadeUnion #flashbackfriday #fiercebridalshowdown," she captioned a stunning photo of herself posing outdoors in the custom creation. Other snapshots show her running playfully and posing coyly in the gown. Clearly, she was feeling like the best, most free version of herself it - and that's no wonder, given how involved she was in designing it.

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"Dennis, Jason Bolden, her stylist and I worked together to choose the perfect fabric, silhouettes and finishing details for not just one, but two gowns," she told People of her wedding-day looks. "The two looks are near opposites and play off one another - Dennis Basso was able to capture both my unassuming and womanly sides through his sketches."

According to Basso, Union was as outspoken as you'd want her (or any bride) to be when figuring out what she wanted. "Like most brides to be, Gabrielle came in with her stylist Jason Bolden with a clear vision," Basso told People. "But everything changed when she tried on gowns! Together we all decided that she wanted to be surprising. She came in wanting sexy, and to accentuate her amazing figure, but that evolved."

Not only that, but she was intent on paying tribute to her NBA star husband's style through her own outfits. "She talked about Dwyane being so fashionable and really wanting to parallel that with her gown," Basso said. "We looked at swatches, took measurements, even considered what flowers she would carry. It was an amazing collaboration."