Here's What To Do When Those DIY Projects Get Overwhelming-And Might Not Get Finished

Here's What To Do When Those DIY Projects Get Overwhelming-And Might Not Get Finished

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It's hard to resist the temptation to become a DIY bride. Even though taking on wedding projects yourself may not save you money (or time!), the chance to put your own personal touch-literally-on your big day is pretty enticing. Of course, unless you're a lifelong crafter or an artisan by trade, the process can become a weight on your shoulders instead of a welcome creative outlet. So what's a bride to do when those DIY projects might not get finished in time? Our experts have some advice for how to deal with those overwhelming wedding projects.

Turn to Your Squad

Did you suddenly find yourself with 150 invitations to assemble and stuff, but only two sets of hands to do the stuffing? This is where your bridal party comes in. Invite them over to help you with this often-tedious task (just be sure to create a sample for them to copy), then get stuffing! Wine, snacks, and fun music definitely help this process go more quickly, as does a great movie playing in the background. Rinse and repeat for welcome bags and favors with hand-stamped tags.

Outsource to a Pro

If you're working with a wedding planner, discuss how much it would cost to have your planner or his or her staff help you out with your projects. Some may be included in your contract, while others might incur an hourly rate-an extra charge that is totally worth it if you're sick of paper cuts or fidgeting with a glue gun.

Click “Buy”

You may have had the best intentions, but if your wedding date is fast approaching and there are details that either aren't done or simply aren't turning out the way you'd like them to, it's time to bite the bullet and pay for the finished product. You may have to alter your expectations a little bit, especially if you're running out of time, but at least you'll have that escort card display done and successfully directing your guests.

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Skip It

Do you need invitations? Yes. So, bring in some help on that one. But will your guests notice (or care) if your favors aren't topped with custom labels, or there isn't a hand-cut paper silhouette of every guest waiting at their place setting? Definitely not. In the name of your bridal sanity, sometimes it's better to admit defeat. As long as you're having a blast and everyone is fed, no one will notice the details that didn't make it!


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