Cool Online Tools That Will Simplify Your Wedding Planning

Cool Online Tools That Will Simplify Your Wedding Planning

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We're all for anything that helps streamline the wedding planning process. From tracking down the perfect bridesmaid dress to calculating how much to spend on what, say, "I do" to these cool online tools that put the fun back into prepping for your big day.


Think your high school BFF would really hit it off with his best man? Or just dying to connect your food-loving friend with his chef cousin? Guesterly gives your guests something to talk about (literally!) by making sure everyone gets acquainted before your big day. Think of it as a miniature magazine yearbook for your wedding. Simply upload your guest list and it'll use your Facebook page to automatically import pics of your friends and family. Then add in some fun facts about each person (if you wish), choose your design and you're ready to go to print. Guesterly recommends sending out your mags a week prior to the wedding, using them as programs or even as invites. That way, all your guests will be partying like they've known each other forever, and there won't be any awkward wedding small talk. Prices start at $5 per book.

Love Detailed

Hiring a wedding planner can be expensive, but what if we told you you could get one for just $49? Meet Love Detailed: your very own affordable virtual wedding planner. Not only does this cool online tool give brides the design inspiration they crave (thanks to a quick style profile quiz you're prompted to take first), but you can also shop all the looks on your personalized pin board to bring your dream wedding to life. Other sweet perks include tools and tips to help implement your design, plus an exclusive countdown calendar and monthly to-do reminder emails so you stay on track.

Brides Wedding Checklist & Budget Tracker

Figuring out exactly when to do what for your wedding can be completely overwhelming. That's where we come in. Our Wedding Checklist breaks it all down for you, month by month, based on your chosen date. You can check stuff off, like when to book the band and schedule your hair and makeup trials, and even pencil in your own to-dos too. Not good at math or just don't know didley about how much wedding stuff costs? Don't freak out. Our Budget Tracker will help you figure out how to best allocate your money based on both your budget and the number of guests you invited. Pretty cool, huh?


Finding a bridesmaid dress that flatters all of your girls just got easier and more convenient! Sign up for Brideside's concierge service and you'll get your own personal stylist, access to fit videos to ensure your bridesmaids look their best on your big day and a box of your three favorites sent directly to your home for everyone to try on for just $10. With tons of awesome designer dresses to choose from, you're bound to find something you love here. Plus, you can purchase it directly off their site.

Wedding Spot

Still searching for the perfect place to tie the knot? Head over to the Wedding Spot, which is pretty much like the of wedding venues. All you have to do is enter in your budget, location, style and guest count and the site will curate a list of potential venues for you on the spot. You'll also be able to compare prices side by side for each venue and schedule an appointment to see your faves with the click of a button. The best part is, it's 100 percent free! The not so great part is it only includes select states… for now at least.


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