Should We Send Engagement Announcements? Do People Do That Anymore?

Should We Send Engagement Announcements? Do People Do That Anymore?

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*Many engaged couples decide to send or e-mail a save-the-date announcement with their official wedding date, but what is an engagement announcement? Is it one of those old-fashioned wedding formalities that's okay to skip these days? Our wedding etiquette experts are here to answer your invitation and stationery questions in our daily post. *

Should we send out engagement announcements? Do people even do that anymore?

Unless you're hoping to get your engagement published in the local newspaper, formal engagement announcements are pretty much a thing of the past. (Apparently, back in the day, they gave people a chance to contest the marriage. That should tip you off to how passГ© they are in the 21st century.) Now, they have been all but replaced by the save-the-date, which is usually mailed to guests four to six months before the wedding with the official date, location, and URL to the wedding website, if there is one. So instead of spending the money and energy on old-fashioned engagement announcements, come up with a clever way to announce your happy news on Facebook or Instagram (we know you can do better than the obligatory engagement ring shot!) because the "We're engaged!" status update has pretty much become the de facto way to share your engagement with your social network. However you choose to design it, it is free and saves you the trouble of figuring out who to send the announcements to-everyone you know will see it as soon as you post!

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