Mathematicians Plan on Making Wedding Guests Solve Math Equations to Find Their Seats

Mathematicians Plan on Making Wedding Guests Solve Math Equations to Find Their Seats

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Your wedding day should always be unique to you. Maybe you fell in love on your college campus and got married at your alma mater, or both have a love of margaritas and make it your signature drink. Or maybe you love math SO much you find a way to incorporate it into your big day.

Two soon-to-be-wed mathematicians are set on mixing work and play by asking their guests to complete math problems to find their seats-talk about a unique escort card display!

“Since both redacted and I are mathematicians, our wedding (which is coming up so soon!) will be perfused with mathematical tidbits,” the bride wrote in a Facebook post which was re-shared on Reddit and spotted by Fox News. “For example, at dinner, guests will be required to answer a mathematical question in order to find out where they sit.”

This news might come worrisome to those of us who haven't taken a calculus class in some time-or done addition, sans calculator-but the guests at this wedding will likely have nothing to worry about. The questions reportedly will be tailored to each guest's skill level, in turn (hopefully) avoiding any embarrassment. “Every guest/couple will be presented with a unique, bespoke question: its difficulty and subject matter drawn directly from what we know their mathematical background to be.”

From the looks of this post, though, none of their guests will be getting any equations as simple as 2 + 2. This couple's guest list is apparently full of mathematicians, so they are going to have to work for their reception meal.

“In fact, a very large number of our guests have a research-level mathematical background, so for most of them their question has been drawn directly from their research papers or thesis,” the post continued. “It's been a rather consuming, but very entertaining process to look at all kinds of papers that I wouldn't normally ever look at. Like, for example, set theory!”

If you just had to Google set theory-you're not alone-but you might want to kindly decline this invitation, which is exactly what some Reddit commenters said they would do. One person wrote, “It does sound perfect for THEM, but I would decline due to a very likely mathematically-induced anxiety attack.”

Others suggested that this could be seen as belittling to some guests. “Sounds like a great way to make sure each of your guests feels either inadequate or insulted, but at least it's bespoke!” another user said.

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While the reviews were definitely mixed, a lot of commenters agreed that the overall sentiment was very sweet. “I think it's really cute actually,” someone wrote. “Very nerdy, but cute.”

Now the only question remains: Will the couple be serving pi at this gathering?