5 Amazing Coffee Makers at Every Price Point

5 Amazing Coffee Makers at Every Price Point

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If you and your fiancГ© love coffee, then the first thing on your registry is most likely going to be some sort of coffee maker (electric or otherwise) to craft the perfect cup of joe. Whether your caffeine fix is a laid-back affair (think Sunday newspapers and cozy time on the couch) or a grab-and-go mad dash to get out of the house, we promise that there is a solution for you.

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1. For just one cup (or more):
Ideal for small-apartment dwellers, this versatile coffee maker has a slim profile and acts as a one-stop shop for a 42-ounce carafe, a single-serve cup, or hot tea. It includes two reusable filters, for both coffee and tea, and the customizable cup setting allows users to easily tailor the amount of drink they desire. (Capresso Triple Brew, $180)

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2. For a crowd:
When you're hosting brunch, the last thing you want to worry about is whether there's enough coffee to go around (and if it's still hot)! This 12-cup maker is the ticket to caffeinated bliss. It makes an extra-hot, delicious beverage that stays warm in a thermal glass-and-stainless-steel carafe. It can also be programmed ahead of time so the smell of freshly brewed coffee wakes you up in the morning. (Who can say no to that?) (Cuisinart Perfect Temp 12-Cup Programmable Thermal Coffee Maker, $130; available at

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3. For the fancy latte lover:
Become your own at-home barista (and impress your friends) with this user-friendly, multifunctional espresso machine. A built-in grinder delivers controlled doses of ground beans into the machine for optimal flavor. Features like interchangeable filters and a microfoam steaming wand allow for each cup to be perfectly customized to your guests' liking. (Breville Barista Express, $599;

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4. For the couple on the go:
This machine is perfect for busy mornings when you don't have time to linger over your morning coffee. It comes with two travel mugs (in addition to a thermal carafe) and features a split brew basket, enabling two different kinds of coffee to be made at once (which means no more arguments over who wants French roast versus Colombian). (KitchenAid Coffee Maker, $80; available at

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5. For the handmade-coffee fans:
For those who prefer a more analog coffee experience, a French press is a great way to get a full, rich flavor without having to plug anything in (making it also a fantastic choice for tiny apartments). This ceramic press is made of glazed stoneware, which retains heat longer than glass, and is fitted with a stainless-steel filter and heavy-duty lid. (Ceramic French press with stainless-steel plunger and lid, $50;