Where Nikki Bella Might Spend Her Would-Be Wedding Day

Where Nikki Bella Might Spend Her Would-Be Wedding Day

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Nothing like having your sister to cheer you up. Nikki Bella, 34, recently called off her engagement to John Cena just weeks before they were supposed to tie the knot in a destination wedding. But thanks to Nikki's twin sister and Total Bellas costar, Brie, it looks like she won't have to go through these rough times alone. According to People, Brie Bella is considering taking her sis on vacation on what would have been her wedding day.

“I'm throwing some stuff out there to her. We might do something, we are deciding. There's a part of her that just wants to be home,” Brie told the publication at a celebration for World Immunization Week, cohosted by Rotary International and Red Nose Day. “But I told her and I told my husband, Daniel Bryan, if we have to go to wine country, you're just going to have to watch our daughter, Birdie. I just told her, you lead the way and I'll follow."

Brie added that she's open to doing anything her sister wants, just as long as it makes her feel better. “If it's at home and eating pizza and devouring ice cream, I'm down for that or if want to escape to Napa and down a lot of wine, I'm down for that as well,” she said.

Napa Valley is particularly significant to the sisters, making it the perfect girls getaway. “Napa is literally our heaven on earth. Every time we go there, we can let our brains just shut down,” Brie explained. “It's vacation, but because it's not a full day to travel there, you're not exhausted, and when we land in Napa, we get this energy from the vineyard. We love sitting out and hearing the birds and feeling the breeze and looking out at the greens and drinking great wines. I think the experience of wine-tasting is fun because you're learning something. Now we have our own wine there too,” Brie said of their new line, Belle Radici.

She continued, “It's fun because we go to Napa and we've made such close friends there. People feel like family. We all hang out and it's like we can get a little business done but then we just relax. Any time we need to recharge or need a break from the limelight, we go to Napa.”

But Brie added no matter the location, she simply wants to be there for her sister. “The nice thing about having a sister is you just have a shoulder to cry on. My sister and I, she loves being around me right now because we can just sit in a room and not say a word,” Brie said.

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“We can just sit in the room and have a glass of wine and look out at the ocean and just be quiet. I think that's what she needs right now-company, but company that doesn't talk. I think that's the great thing about being sisters,” the E! star added. “I'm the most honest with her, I have zero filter so she can tell me off and then two minutes later we'll go grab coffee… I think when you go through a breakup, you need that. I think we are lucky because we can have that.”


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