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A 6-Month Grooming Guide for the Groom-to-Be

A 6-Month Grooming Guide for the Groom-to-Be

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News flash: While it may not include multiple makeup and hair trials, grooms have some pre-wedding grooming to do, too! After all, it's his big day too, and not to mention, those wedding photos will last a lifetime. Who wouldn't want to look their best?

To all men reading this: We've got your back, guys. We previously penned the ultimate grooming checklist for men to tackle before their big day. We're certain these grooming tips will make you look dapper as ever and feel like your most confident self for one of the most important days of your life. No need to get overwhelmed, though, because now we're breaking it all down, month-by-month.

Here's an easy-to-follow grooming checklist for men to start six months before their wedding day.

1. Explore a skincare routine

Hopefully you already have a daily cleanser and sunscreen you love, but in case you've forgotten to pay extra attention to your skin, it's time to get diligent about cleansing and sun protection. Six months is enough time to find a skincare routine that works for you, and we recommend booking an appointment with a dermatologist to get one in place if you haven't already done so.

Joshua Zeichner, MD and Director of Cosmetic and Clinical Research at Mount Sinai notes that at the six-month mark, he also notices grooms come in for something beyond a skin Rx. "Six months out is when you want to think about treatments like Botox," he explains. "Get a trial session to make sure you are happy with how you look. Botox last typically three to five months so if you are unhappy with the results, it will have worn off before the big day." On the flip side, if you like your smoother forehead and crow's feet-free eyes, right before the wedding would be the perfect time for a touch up. Either way, it's definitely something to think about sooner than later.

2. Get your hair game plan in place

Six months may seem like a lot of time to start thinking about your hair, but NYC-based men's hairstylist Martial Vivot says it's an ideal time to get a plan in place. "I always recommend trying out what you have in mind around this time so that if you hate it, you have enough time to grow it back and come up with a new game plan," he says. Martial says it's important to communicate effectively with your go-to barber or stylist so that he or she knows exactly what you want for the big day. "Let him or her in on what you're wearing and the vibe of the wedding," he explains. "I say this to all my clients because we truly want to tap into who is sitting in our chair and what their personality is-believe it or not, your hair plays a major role in all of that."

With six months to go, Martial says to look for a really great shampoo and conditioner. "Moisturizing is the key to healthy hair and you should always think of your hair as you would your skin," he tells us. "Shampoo is like moisturizer for your hair." He recommends the one from his namesake line to gently rinse hair, balance the scalp, and nourish all hair types.

3. Get the smile of your dreams

If you're looking to straighten out your pearly whites to flash the perfect smile on your big day, Candid clear aligners could be an option for you. According to Dr. Lynn Hurst, Candid's Chief Dental Officer, six months is enough time to straighten teeth in mild to moderate cases. "This gives the groom the time necessary to ensure their smile and oral health are fine tuned for their wedding close-ups," he says. The price is also right: "Planning a wedding can be a huge financial burden, but Candid's $88 per month cost is far less expensive than many of the alternative's pricing, which can cost up to $7,000," says Dr. Hurst. It's also an incredibly convenient process that doesn't require any appointments to see an orthodontist. "With the current wave of new high-tech beauty products and the rise of direct-to-consumer services, access to convenient and affordable grooming products is easier than ever before. Grooms see the appeal of a quicker and less-complicated alternative to braces, especially with their wedding on the horizon," says Dr. Hurst.

Without having to step foot into an orthodontist's office, Candid starts the process by sending an impression kit straight to your doorstep, which is ideal for any busy groom-to-be. Based on these impressions, Dr. Hurst explains, "Candid's team of orthodontic specialists proceed to oversee creation of custom, 3D-printed, FDA-approved aligners." After receiving your approval, within three weeks, the orthodontist-designed invisible aligners come in the mail and just like that, you'll be ready to flash your best smile on the most important of days.

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4. Consider hitting the weights

Whether you've been meaning to tone up or have been slacking in the consistency department, there's no better time than now to get in the gym and hit the weights. Not only does weightlifting help you tone up, it's a great way to relieve the stress that can come with wedding planning and a boost of energy to kickstart your day. Julie Wandzilak, Tier X Coach at Equinox in NYC, says six months before the wedding gives you enough time to create healthy habits and for your body to respond in a healthy, natural way. "Solidifying a workout routine foundation and forming consistent behaviors will benefit your overall mindset, too."

"It takes six to eight weeks to see an improvement in body composition and lean muscle gain," explains Julie, who recommends starting a hypertrophy program for the first four to six weeks of a six-month workout plan. "This will kick start the metabolism and also prepare you for leaning out when the wedding approaches." She recommends doing super sets that target specific muscle groups three to four times a week. By doing so, you'll "develop lean muscle gains and give your metabolism a boost to start losing the unwanted fat that you'd like to remove before the big day," Julie says. She also notes, "It's important to start here because you want to have a solid foundation of lean mass and metabolic base before you incorporate higher intensity workouts."