Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's Dog Has the Cutest Name

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's Dog Has the Cutest Name

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We finally know the name of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's new dog, and it is equal parts unexpected, adorable and unusual.

Earlier this summer, the couple welcomed a black Labrador Retriever rescue pup into their royal family. The palace has yet to share any photos of the crowned canine (which, for what it's worth, we are dying to see) we do now have some intel about his royal title. Though we were secretly hoping that Meghan and Harry would go with "The Dog of Sussex" to match their own titles, according to The Daily Mail they opted for something slightly simpler: Oz.

While it's unclear where, exactly, the name may have come from, some believe that it could be related to their upcoming visit to Australia. Given that it's their first royal tour as a married couple, there's no doubt that the destination holds some sort of significance to the couple.

For his part, Oz has reportedly begun settling into royal life quite nicely. "The dog is already happily ensconced at their cottage," a source told The Daily Mail, noting that "'Like the Sussexes, the dog will divide its time between the palace and their country home in the Cotswolds."

Oz isn't the only four legged prince running around at Kensington Palace. Meghan Markle's Beagle, Guy, moved from Toronto to London shortly before the royal wedding. And as it so happens, welcoming a furry new addition into the palace shortly after the wedding seems to have become a sort of royal tradition. Prince William and Kate Middleton pulled a similar move in 2011, and adopted a Cocker Spaniel named Lupo a few months after their nuptials at Westminster Abbey.

Now that they've got a doggo to call their own, our fingers are crossed that Meghan and Harry will take another page out of their in-laws book and welcome some other new additions to their growing family, STAT.