A 3-Day Amalfi Coast Honeymoon Itinerary in Positano

A 3-Day Amalfi Coast Honeymoon Itinerary in Positano

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No, it's not Heaven on earth. It's Positano (… but we're willing to bet the two look very similar). Every single online photo listed on hotel and travel websites that make your heart swoon for this little city don't even begin to do it justice - as you will see for yourself on your three sun soaked, lemon-scented and pasta filled days in Positano. Here's how to enjoy a quick honeymoon trip to this Italian city in the Amalfi Coast.

Day 1

Indulge with some in-room cappuccinos and continental breakfast as you gaze out your private balcony at the Il San Pietro Di Positano resort, pinching yourself at what you see. As you begin your three-day stay here, be sure to take in every single aspect this breathtaking and luxurious resort has to offer.

Spend your first day in Positano relaxing and unwinding on the luxurious private beach. With a restaurant and bar right near the crystal sparkling seaside - you won't need to leave until the sunsets. Bask in the newlywed glow let your wedding planning stress melt away as you soak up all the Mediterranean has to offer. Head to on-property waterfront restaurant Carlino for lunch, and be sure to order the lemon-leaf wrapped fresh mozzarella. (Lemons + cheese = quintessential Amalfi Coast ingredients!)

Head into town via shuttle or private car for a delectable dinner and romantic strolls through the winding, steep streets of this magical town. Opt to dine on incredible pizzas (the birthplace of pizza, Naples, is only a short drive away!) local wines and of course, handmade gelato; stopping wherever catches your eye (and appetite.)

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Day 2

Wake up slowly, enjoy a local breakfast and head to one of Positano's spas for a romantic couples massage. Once the knots and stresses from travel and planning are melted away, stroll around the city center and shop at the local boutiques. Stock up on handmade custom leather sandals, gorgeous glassware, and Italian fashions - and marvel at the local artisans and markets.

For a fun afternoon activity and a bit of time out of the sun, grab your new husband and head to a cooking class at Hotel Bucca di Bacco. Led by a traditional chef and English translator, this restaurant's impressive kitchen will have you cooking while sipping on Prosecco and learning the tricks of the Italian trade.

Dinner at the famed Sireneuse Hotel is a must while in Positano, as Michelin-starred La Sponda offers delectable Mediterranean cuisine prepared by Chef Genarro Russo. When the sun sets, over 400 glowing candles create the most romantic, fairy-tale like atmosphere perfect for a honeymoon dinner. Afterwards, head to the Champagne Bar after for a nightcap, or two.

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Day 3

Spend your final day in this idyllic town by taking a little excursion to see neighboring beaches and attractions. Book a variety of excursions that will take you around the Amalfi Coast through one of the many esteemed tour companies such as Dreaming Amalfi Coast Day Tours. Private or small group, full day and half day tours are available to personalize your experience - and be certain to check out the Blue Grotto if you're cruising to the Island of Capri!

If you opted for a shorter tour, spend the rest of the daytime hours enjoying your remaining time by the sea. Whatever you prefer, you can't go wrong relaxing by the pool or beach back at Il San Pietro Di Positano, sipping on a refreshing Rossini cocktail and reminiscing about your time spent at this incredible venue. Ristorante Chez Black is also a perfect beachside lunch option if you're looking for a lively authentic meal with a ocean view.

Go big or go home, right? You won't have to travel for dinner tonight, simply throw on your best outfit and head downstairs to Zass, the Michelen starred restaurant with breathtaking views of Praiano. Delectable entrees crafted by chef Alois Vanlangenaeker use locally grown produce (from the hotel's gardens!) and the food, presentation, and atmosphere will create long lasting memories you (and your taste buds) won't soon forget.


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