All The Details From Heidi Klum's Sweet Breakfast-in-Bed Proposal

All The Details From Heidi Klum's Sweet Breakfast-in-Bed Proposal

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When Heidi Klum's fiancГ© Tom Kaulitz proposed to her, he made sure to make the moment extra special. Before proposing on December 24th 2018, Kaulitz got the blessing from Klum's children: daughters Lou, 9, and Leni, 14, and sons Johan, 12, and Henry, 13, and made sure they were a part of the big moment.

“They went to Mexico before their engagement, around Thanksgiving, and that's when he started talking to the kids about his plans in secret and it was so hard for them to not tell anyone. They were so excited and happy for their mom,” a friend of Klum told People.

“So Tom and the kids together worked on making a breakfast tray for Heidi that had coffee, flowers, and a ring box,” the friend added. “It was important for Tom to have the kids included in the whole thing, so they all brought the tray up to Heidi's room and surprised her with breakfast in bed and then he proposed.”

The America's Got Talent judge couldn't have loved her proposal more.

“She loved his thoughtfulness and that he included the kids,” the friend said. “They all surprised her together and she loved how he made the kids feel a part of it.”

“She was totally surprised and said yes right away!” Klum's friend added.

Klum announced the engagement in late December 2018, although rumors of their engagement had been circling before the proposal even happened. In September, the supermodel was spotted out wearing a massive diamond ring, which lead people to believe the two had already made plans to tie the knot. But it turns out the two were just waiting for the right time.

“She's loving being in love,” says the friend, “and she's enjoying her engagement.”

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