Jordan Peele and Chelsea Peretti Eloped Without Telling Anyone But Their Dog

Jordan Peele and Chelsea Peretti Eloped Without Telling Anyone But Their Dog

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When it comes to celebrity weddings, some prefer lavish affairs, while a surprising number like to keep it on the down low. Take, for example, the secret wedding ceremony of drag superstar RuPaul and Georges LeBar or the elopement of Alison Brie and Dave Franco. Jordan Peele and Chelsea Peretti, however, took the whole low-key thing to a whole other level. As told by Peretti herself, the pair eloped to the mountains without telling anyone-except, of course, their dog.

"We went to Big Sur, ever heard of it?" she quipped on Tuesday's episode of Conan. "It's beautiful-oceans, mountains. We were married by a woman named Soaring, like soaring above the clouds, and our dog was there, and that was it. No guests."

Peretti continued by giving audience members a look inside the very quirky ceremony. "She had us emanate rainbows from our hearts onto the rings," she said. "You know, that whole thing. And then Big Sur, like, fell into the ocean right after that, so I hope it's not a bad omen."

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Afterward, Conan asked Peretti about whether their family members and friends were hurt over not being invited to the ceremony. Luckily (or perhaps unluckily), it wasn't a big deal. "Honestly, the hurtful part is, like, I don't even think they cared," Peretti said. "We made these whole big photo books for everyone afterwards, and I think like four out of four, they left them at our house. But in retrospect, it's like they're just photos of us having a great time, you know? Like at a party they weren't invited to. Sort of fair."