Prince William Jokes About Needing a Babysitter for the Royal Wedding

Prince William Jokes About Needing a Babysitter for the Royal Wedding

There's less than 24 hours to go before the royal wedding, and, apparently, Prince William is in as much of a frenzy as you are. On Friday, while taking a walk around Windsor with Prince Harry, the Duke of Cambridge asked the populace if someone could give him a hand with childcare. “We are looking for a babysitter if you are all free!” he joked when congratulated on the arrival of Prince Louis, according to People.

It's not clear whether he meant just for the royal wedding or as a regular gig (either way, we volunteer as tribute), but the quip won over the crowd. New York resident Janena Benjamin, the woman who congratulated Prince William and Kate Middleton on their third child, told *People * that “we said of course!”

“They are such lovely men,” she told the outlet. “I have such a crush on them now. They were so lovely with the crowd, asking everyone where they were from.”

While the duke was obviously just joking (we're sure the Palace provides A+ babysitting service), he and Kate Middleton understandably have their hands full following the birth of Prince Louis, full name "His Royal Highness Prince Louis Arthur Charles of Cambridge." The child was born just a little more than three weeks ago, and with both of his parents attending the royal wedding on Saturday-the baby will remain at home-that's a super-quick turnaround. Not to mention the completely packed schedule that "inner circle" guests like Will and Kate will have to expect for tomorrow: After the ceremony, they still have the Queen's Luncheon and Prince Charles's private reception at Frogmore House to look forward to. Better make that two babysitters.

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