Worst Wedding Guest Ever Loses His Arm After Getting Drunk and Jumping into Alligator Pool

Worst Wedding Guest Ever Loses His Arm After Getting Drunk and Jumping into Alligator Pool

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Every wedding has some sort of unexpected mishap-whether it's the best man going a little too far with his wedding speech or a bridesmaid who forgot that the wedding actually is not about her. But a few guests taking over the dance floor after one too many drinks is nothing compared to this couple's wedding horror story.

According to the Zimbabwe Chronicle, one wedding guest nearly lost his life after drunkenly jumping into a pool of alligators during a pre-wedding celebration. Collin Miller, 21, was enjoying a tour of the River Brewing Company in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, with the wedding party last week when things took a turn for the worse and just plain absurd.

Miller, who was allegedly intoxicated, removed his shirt, climbed over the brewery's fence and jumped into the a nearby crocodile pond-and as you can imagine, it wasn't exactly a relaxing dip in the pool. The three alligators residing in the water immediately attacked Miller, with one clamping its mouth on one of his arms and ripping it off completely. Miller was quickly pulled to safety, but the three alligators fought over his lost appendage-a slightly more gruesome bouquet toss.

The victim is reportedly in stable condition and recovering from the nightmare, and the couple proceeded to go on with their wedding ceremony two days later.

The River Brewing Company told the publication that Miller "deliberately climbed over a protective fence and entered the crocodile pool which houses three crocodiles. He deliberately put his life in extreme danger and was rescued by incredible efforts of two very brave men including an employee of the Crocodile Cage Diving Company."

The report added, “He sustained several injuries including loss of arm. The River Brewing Company wishes him a very speedy recovery and we are grateful to the quick thinking and bravery of his rescuers in saving him.”

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Though the incident was truly a heartbreaking nightmare, there's a lesson to be learned from this: Keep carnivorous wildlife away out of the wedding plans.


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