A Pinterest-Approved Trend You'll Love: Pineapple Wedding Decor

A Pinterest-Approved Trend You'll Love: Pineapple Wedding Decor

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Whether your planning your pre-wedding party, bachelorette bash (Southern ladies, we're talking to you!) or even day-of decor, the pineapple is the perfect addition to your tropical wedding aesthetic. The delicious summer fruit can actually double as a festive accent at your bridal shower, rehearsal dinner or even a tropical destination wedding- and no, we don't just mean serving piГ±a coladas. Pineapples can not only add a cutesy and playful addition to parties and showers, but they can also be an elegant touch to the wedding decor itself. From centerpieces to floral arrangements, we rounded up five unexpected and surprisingly stylish ways to mix pineapples into your tablescape. (Bonus: The prickly fruit symbolizes hospitality, so it's a perfect way to greet your guests!)

Allison Bernier Photography

Centerpiece Accents

Are there anything cuter than these pineapple centerpiece accents? Doubtful. These tiny additions, styled here by Beijos wedding designer, will add a perfect extra pop of decor to your reception dinner tables without cluttering the space.

Courtesy of Beautiful Booze

Cocktail Holder

Nothing says summer celebration like this adorable pineapple cocktail creation. Use the inside of the fruit to make your cocktail, and save the outside as a replacement for glass! (Just be sure to whittle down the pines.)

Photo by Sam Hurd Photography

Anddd A Cocktail Kit

Take your cocktail game to the next level by adding some adorable pineapple stirrers to your drinks and brightening up your menu with a few pineapple prints. Plus, opting for different color stirrers can help your guests differentiate their glasses once they've knocked back a few too many drinks.

Photo by Sam Hurd Photography

Seating Name Tags

We love the way this couple subtly added the fruit into their ceremony by adding pineapple prints to their wedding ceremony seating assignments-providing a more playful look to a traditional piece of decor.

Cavin Elizabeth Photography

Bar Cart Additions

This couple went one step further in making their reception look extra playful by adding a painted pineapple to their tropical-themed bar cart.

Joel Sarrato

Napkin Designs

We're all about the small details, and these gold-printed pineapple napkins are a perfect example of an extra touch that makes a big difference. The bright napkins stamped with pineapple prints will be a guest favorite during cocktail hour.

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Bulb Creative

Place Setting Additions

Pineapples aren't just for tropical affairs. This couple chose to decorate their modern, minimalist reception by adding real pineapples to each place setting and tying a small note to each one. The best part about this one? You've just created a piece of decor that doubles as a wedding favor.