Facebook Wants Everyone At Your Wedding To Live Stream Via Event Stories

Facebook Wants Everyone At Your Wedding To Live Stream Via Event Stories

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In the past few years weddings and all the events surrounding them have become huge events on social media. But now Facebook wants to make it even easier to connect with everyone involved in a wedding and share the experience in a bigger way. Starting today the social networking platform launched Event Stories which allows users to upload their Stories-very similar to the ones you tell on Instagram and Snapchat with photos, videos and all the fun filters and special effects-so everyone can see what's happening from totally different and unique perspectives. It is a way for your friends and family to contribute to your big day and be a part of it in their own way.

After all, a bridesmaid will have a completely different view than the father of the groom, but everyone will want to see how they are capturing this big event. The Event Stories will be visible only to people connected to the event, either by attending or being interested in attending the event for 24 hours (so your entire network won't be alerted to a wedding they weren't invited to.) But for friends and relatives that couldn't make it to the special day they can get a rare view of the event in real time. Starting today this will be available on iOS and Android, and you can also view event stories on desktop. And in case you were wondering, Facebook Stories are separate from the photos and videos you share in your newsfeed.

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“Facebook Events bring communities together in person-700 million people a month to be exact. We believe it's through attending events that communities are built, relationships are deepened, and movements are sparked,” Sue Young, Head of Facebook Events, told Event Stories will truly bring that Event page you created for the bridal shower or bachelorette to life because it will have so many different perspectives now. Plus, as the bride you may miss a few really special things during the wedding!

How To Use Facebook Stories

  • On the Facebook app, go to the camera button in the top left corner (or you can import photos from your library.)
  • Once you have selected a photo you can use the magic wand icon to add graphics, text, drawings and interactive animations.
  • To make a video hold the main button down and for a photo tap it once.
  • When you have finalized your story, hit the large arrow then select "Your Story" from the list of contacts and hit send.

In addition to ramping up the way you share Events Facebook has also made their Local app even more robust which is great for planning a bachelorette or destination wedding. Local currently helps you find local events wherever you are, restaurants, services, and other businesses-all recommended by the people you know and trust. Picking out a post rehearsal dinner bar is going to be so easy now or finding a yoga studio for your destination bachelorette will be so much easier now!

Courtesy of Facebook

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Plus with the new Facebook Recommendations tool guests can also get personal reviews from their friends. When you write a Facebook post looking for advice on local places or services, you'll have the option to turn on Recommendations. Your friends can comment with suggestions, and you'll see all of them mapped out for easy access and saved in one place.