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5 Brides on Guests Who Didn't Follow Their Wedding Dress Code

5 Brides on Guests Who Didn't Follow Their Wedding Dress Code

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Dress codes for weddings can sometimes be more confusing than a couple even knows for their guests. Phrases like smart casual, dressy casual, and even formal can send guest's into a frenzy, picking apart outfits in their closet or rummaging through racks at stores, trying to find an outfit that's up to par with with the couple wants. But after reading enough articles and eyeballing enough outfit examples on websites, figuring out what to wear will make sense and soon, make you a “pro” when it comes to wedding dress codes.

But for some, reading that line on an invitation is something that goes missed or no matter how formal the couple sets the dress code, the person will still wear whatever they want. So what do you do when someone shows up at your black tie wedding in jeans or your dressy casual wedding in bathing suit shorts?

Take a look what happened at these five bride's wedding when guests dressed anything but appropriately.

1. People Wore White

“This wasn't a rule on our invitation but come on, it's obvious, don't wear white to someone's wedding, ever. At my wedding, two people wore long white dresses. They were actually really nice and I guess if people didn't know that I was the bride, they would have thought they were! It just sucked because in my wedding photos, the white dresses stand out and just ruin the photos. I didn't say anything then but afterward I sent them all a text message and was like why did you do that and of course they didn't even realize they did anything wrong.” - Laura T., 35

2. Jeans, Cotton, and Jackets

“My dress code was semi-formal and I guess the “semi” part threw people off. I had one person wear jeans! Another wear a cotton v-neck shirt with black pants! One more wear a hooded-jacket! The rest of the guests dressed perfectly but having a few slobs walking around made me so annoyed. I had family members of mine go up to them and let them know their outfits aren't appropriate. Two of them rolled their eyes and one went home because she felt really bad.” - Erin Z., 29

3. Dresses Too Short

“Had a couple of women at my wedding wear dresses that were incredibly not appropriate. One woman wore a dress that was so short she couldn't even dance because every move revealed part of her butt and her you-know-what. Another wore a low cut dress that made her nipples pop out multiple times. It was disgusting. These weren't my friends but dates of my friends and I had to tell those guys that I was so disappointed with their dates and their clothing. The guys were so unphased and I was pissed.” - Misty R., 29

4. Anything But Black Tie

“We were very clear on our invitations that not only did we request guests to wear black tie attire but our venue required it. That meant that guests that showed up in casual attire would be denied entrance. Because we knew this would happen and we didn't want to deal with the backlash of it, we had someone from the venue stand at the entrance and turn people away who showed up wearing something not black tie. We kept ourselves away from the drama but found out the next day that five people were turned away and only three went home and changed. Two never came back and we didn't even apologize to them because they should have known!” - Jeanne R., 38

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5. Shirts Flew Off

“Only one hour into the reception, a bunch of groomsmen took their shirts off before heading to the dance floor. This wasn't some backyard wedding, it was a $250,000 wedding at the nicest venue in our town! I was mortified and of course caused a scene. I made my husband get them all outside and yell at them. Even though they were drunk, they realized they made a big mistake and kept their clothes on for the rest of the wedding. My family was beyond upset with these people who they still feel embarrassed them.” - Savannah E., 29