Taylor Swift Sparks Engagement Rumors With New Song Lyrics

Taylor Swift Sparks Engagement Rumors With New Song Lyrics

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Are wedding bells ringing for Taylor Swift? Fans are speculating the singer might be engaged to long-time boyfriend Joe Alwyn thanks to some cryptic lyrics on her upcoming album, Lover.

Yes, we know this isn't the first time engagement rumors have sparked between the duo. But, this news feels a lot more promising-or at least we hope! In a recent interview with Vogue (Swift graces the cover of the publication's coveted September issue), the Grammy-award winning songstress shared lyrics and they are well, interesting.

The title track, "Lover," features a bridge that goes, "My heart's been borrowed and yours has been blue. All's well that ends well to end up with you.” The words quickly led Swifties to assume that the singer is alluding to the age-old proverb of wearing something borrowed and something blue on one's wedding day. Hence, another round of engagement rumors.

The pair, who were first linked in 2017, has since moved to London together and has kept much of their relationship out of the public eye. “Joe is very keen on proposing soon,” said a source in November 2018. “But he wants to make it unforgettable and extremely special.” It was also reported in March that Swift wants "something elegant and simple" when it comes to an engagement ring.

Swift is known for leaving her fans with a trail of Easter egg style clues. Just scroll through her Instagram, watch her most recent music videos or listen to literally any of her songs and you'll quickly see all of her mysterious messages. So, her leaving us this little clue isn't a shock. After all, she does take inspiration from her relationships!

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The full track, as well as the album, won't be released until August 23. Does that mean we will finally get confirmation from the singer? Either way, we are rooting for Swift because after having her fair share of heartbreak, this girl deserves long-lasting love.


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