Negin Mirsalehi's Honeymoon Guide to Merida, Mexico

Negin Mirsalehi's Honeymoon Guide to Merida, Mexico

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As part of our "Insiders' Guide to the Globe" series, we interviewed seven fashion and travel bloggers who've turned crisscrossing continents into their (enviable) job. With more than 15 million combined Instagram followers, safe to say these ladies are posting from the hottest destinations. But where would they stamp their passports when it's time for a romantic vacay? Read on to find out how Negin Mirsalehi would spend a honeymoon in Mexico!

The Traveler: Negin Mirsalehi (a.k.a. @negin_mirsalehi)

Fashion is this Amsterdam-based blogger's biggest passion. But as a fan and follower of her site, NeginMirsalehi.com (where she also documents her life in a weekly vlog), you could argue travel has become just as much a part of her life - what with twice-annual stays in the world's fashion capitals for fashion weeks and regular trips with Revolve Clothing to honeymoon-worthy destinations like Anguilla, St. Barth and Machu Picchu, Peru. When she's not traveling, Mirsalehi spends time in her native Amsterdam working on her own hair care line, Gisou; the hallmark product, the Honey Infused Hair Oil, is enriched with honey from the Mirsalehi family bee garden and will make your strands shine from within (trust us, we've tried it).

Here, she shares a favorite recent trip for two:

The Destination: MГ©rida, Mexico

The Dutch fashionista raves about the Yucatán Peninsula - one of our top honeymoon destinations for 2017. “I traveled there last year with my boyfriend, Maurits, and it was an unforgettable experience,” she says. “The capital, Mérida, is a 16th-century colonial city filled with history, friendly people and amazing food.”

Courtesy of Rosas y Xocolate

Where to Stay

“I love boutique hotels, so we stayed at Rosas & Xocolate.” (Translation: roses and chocolate. From $245.) The 17-room hotel - set in two restored century-old mansions on the Paseo de Montejo - is petal pink on the outside and filled with handcrafted details and themed amenities on the inside, like chocolate soap in the suites, chocolate treatments in the spa and a chocolate boutique downstairs.

There's also the brand-new ChablГ© (from $1,092, including daily breakfast and airport transfers), a resort that's equal parts traditional Mexican hacienda and next-gen wellness retreat. Set in the heart of the YucatГЎn, an hour from the coast, ChablГ© feels like you're staying a rich relative's compound - with 38 casita, two villas, three restaurants and a spa spread across an impressive 750 acres. Rooms have a distinctive design that blends traditional Maya architecture with modern amenities (like insanely cool lighting underneath the freestanding stone soaking tub). After relaxing by your villa pool, head to the spa (pictured below), built into a gorgeous blue-water cenote (a naturally formed sacred Mayan cave).

Courtesy of ChablГ©

Where to Eat

“We ate lots of chilaquiles and guacamole. I definitely filled my avocado quota,” says Mirsalehi. “The food is such high quality, but it's also affordable, so you don't have to break the bank to have an authentic meal.” For traditional Yucatecan eats, head to La Chaya Maya for cochinita pibil, pork marinated with achiote and sour orange juice and cooked in a banana leaf.

What to Do

Mirsalehi spent much of her time visiting haciendas, the region's beautiful old plantation houses. But if you're around on a Saturday, head to Mercado Lucas de GГЎlvez to pick up woven baskets and hand-stitched huipiles (traditional Mayan dresses).