The 15 Best Kitchen Gadgets to Add to Your Wedding Registry

The 15 Best Kitchen Gadgets to Add to Your Wedding Registry

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Cuisinart CFO-3SS Electric Fondue Maker

Courtesy of Amazon

Love melted cheese and chocolate? Then this electric fondue maker is a must-have. It comes with eight spoons, so it'll come in handy for dinner parties, too!

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $44

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Holstein Housewares Heart Waffle Maker

Courtesy of Amazon

How adorable is this heart-shaped waffle maker? Sure, it's not a kitchen necessity, but it's still one of the best kitchen gadgets to register for, hands down. Available in red or magenta (pictured).

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $35

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Dash Compact Air Fryer

Courtesy of Amazon

Whip up delicious fried food without all the fat with this air fryer that's the perfect fit for smaller homes and kitchens.

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $36.48

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The Original Salbree Microwave Popcorn Popper

Courtesy of Amazon

Trade in your single-use popcorn bags (and the chemicals that come with them!) for this colorful, silicone popcorn popper. To use it, simply add popcorn kernels and microwave. Did we mention the bowl is collapsible, so it's easy to store? Available in 14 colors, including blue, orange, purple, white, black, grey and magenta (pictured).

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $17

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Oster Pro 1200 Blender with Food Processor Attachment

Courtesy of Amazon

This all-in-one kitchen gadget can blend, chop, and process. Whip up everything from smoothies to salsa with this powerful blender. Available in metallic grey and brushed nickel (pictured).

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $79

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Cuisinart ICE-21 Frozen Yogurt & Ice Cream Maker

Courtesy of Amazon

Love ice cream? Register for this and you can make frozen yogurt, ice cream, and sorbet at home. Available in light pink, red, and white (pictured).

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $42

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Dash Clearview Toaster

Courtesy of Amazon

Keep an eye on your bread with this forward-thinking toaster that has transparent side panels for easy viewing! In addition to toasting, it can defrost and reheat, and also has a special button for bagels. Available in black, red, white and aqua (pictured).

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $40

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Hamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Courtesy of Amazon

Level up your newlywed breakfasts with this quick and easy sandwich maker. It simultaneously cooks meat, eggs, and veggies while toasting your bread, giving you two custom, delicious breakfast sandwiches in minutes.

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $33

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Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch Electric Can Opener

Courtesy of Amazon

Open your cans with ease using this electric can opener. It effortlessly cut through the sides of cans and pops off the top.

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $30

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KitchenAid 6 Qt. Professional 600 Series Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer

Courtesy of Amazon

If you and your future spouse love to bake, this is one of the best kitchen gadgets to register for. This 10-speed mixer has a powerful 575-watt motor, a stainless steel bowl that holds up to six quarts, and comes with a wire ship, spiral dough hook, burnished flat beater and a pouring shield. Pictured in copper pearl, this mixer is available in more than 25 lovely colors.

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $330

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Instant Pot with Smart WiFi Capability

Courtesy of Amazon

This stainless steel Instant Pot holds up to six quarts. Cook chili in an hour, risotto in 30 minutes, and hard-boiled eggs in just minutes. With an Instant Pot, the possibilities are limitless-and since this is a smart model, you can monitor and control it from your phone via an app.

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $150

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Ninja Coffee Maker for Hot or Iced Coffee

Courtesy of Amazon

This coffee maker can make single-serve cups of coffee and a full carafe of coffee-which is perfect for lazy mornings spent drinking coffee and reading the newspaper with your betrothed. In addition to hot drinks, this coffee maker can make cold and frozen drinks, and comes complete with a milk frother.

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $111

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Orblue Spaghetti Pasta Measure

Courtesy of Amazon

Measuring pasta can be tricky: it's super easy to use too much or too little. This little kitchen gadget makes it simple to measure out pasta portion sizes correctly, so just the right amount will go into your pot every time. Made from stainless steel, this pasta measure is dishwasher safe.

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $10

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Spiralizer 5-Blade Vegetable Slicer

Courtesy of Amazon

One of the strongest spiralizers on the market, this spiralizing vegetable slicer will turn any vegetable into a "noodle"-even tough root vegetables like sweet potatoes and turnips.

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $25

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Betty Crocker BC-2958CR Pizza Maker

Courtesy of Amazon

In addition to making crispy pizzas, this handy kitchen gadget can make quesadillas, frittatas, quiche, giant cookies, and more.

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $31


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