How to Throw a Cinco de Mayo Party for Your May 5th Wedding

How to Throw a Cinco de Mayo Party for Your May 5th Wedding

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Welcome Baskets

Photo by Steve Steinhardt, Design by Beth Helmstetter Events

Kick off your wedding fiesta with colorful woven welcome baskets that match the Cinco de Mayo theme perfectly. Toss in the itinerary for the weekend, along with mini bottles of tequila, fruit, and decorative towels.

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Decorative Props

Photo by Sargeant Creative

Ensure that your guests are fully in on the fun with playful props. Stick to ideas like personalized maracas, which double as dance floor essentials and wedding favors. They also guarantee a lively and music-filled wedding that will extend into the wee hours of the night.

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Menu Cards

Photo by Jillian Mitchell

It's safe to assume you'll probably be serving some yummy Mexican food staples at the reception (chips and guac, anyone?), so ensure that your menus themselves coincide with the cuisine. Opt for bright colors, flowers, and pretty fonts to notify guests what they'll be eating.

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Live Music

Photo by Jillian Mitchell

You don't have to turn to a full-on seven-piece mariachi band to kick off the celebrations, but live music is definitely a must. Even if you only enlist the help of a few local guitarists, your wedding will already feel much more on par with Cinco de Mayo-themed celebrations.

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Festive Programs

Photo by Forged in the North

Set the tone for the ceremony with colorful programs and weekend itineraries. Infuse motifs like palm trees or cacti to further solidify this south-of-the-border theme.

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Mexican Beer

Photo by Jillian Mitchell

Aside from margaritas (a given), stock your bar with plenty of varieties of Mexican cervezas, like PacГ­fico, Tecate, or Corona, to satisfy even the non-tequila drinkers.

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Papel Picado Flags

Photo by Jennifer Boomer

Hang Mexican papel picado flags in any color of you're choosing to give your wedding venue the full Cinco de Mayo appeal. These custom versions include the couple's names and wedding date.

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Mini Tacos

Photo by Tim Willoughby

As hard as it is to resist a taco, few guests will want to chow down on this messy meal while dressed in their wedding best. Make their taco consumption as clean as can be with mini versions held together with skewers. Plus, given the size, your nearest and dearest won't feel as guilty for eating more than one.

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Street Parade

Photo by Fer Juaristi

In certain Mexican locations, like Oaxaca and San Allende de Miguel, it's tradition to rally your wedding guests for a parade through the city streets. Nothing can take your nuptials from a mere everyday wedding to a full-blown fiesta quite like this, which guests of all ages will love participating in.