23 Creative Wedding Dessert Bar Ideas

23 Creative Wedding Dessert Bar Ideas

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Tree Trunk Serving Platters

Phil Chester

This couple amped up their rustic, outdoor aesthetic with cookies and macaroons on tree trunk serving platters.

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Bright Colored Cake Pops

Don Mears

Bright shades of pink and periwinkle are highlighted in the two-tier cake and the cake pops to either side.

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Cake in a Cage

Anthony Hoang

Mini desserts and a caged single-tier cake keep this dessert table modest but full.

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Glass Top Table

Erich McVey

Pink-and-white macarons are everywhere on this simple, glass top table.

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Mix Pies and Cake

Photo by Becca Lea Photography

Pecan and berry pies brightened up with semi-naked, two-tiered cake.

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Unexpected Cake

Photo by Caroline Petters of Katie Osgood Photography; Cake by Momofuku Milk Bar

This Momofuku Milk Bar crispy rice cake was the perfect ending to a backyard wedding in New York's Hudson Valley.

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Serve Trifles and Tarts

Photo by Sally Pinera

Four tiers of wedding cake were accompanied by trifles and tarts.

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Create a Cream-Puff Tower

Photo by Harwell Photography

This chocolatey croquembouche (cream-puff tower) stopped the show with a few other tarts alongside it.

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Serve Doughnuts

Melissa Marshall

This couple opted for a simple spread of artisan doughnuts (look at all that frosting!) alongside their mini white-frosted single-tier cake.

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Create a Fake Bakery

Photo by Max & Friends; Floral Design by Shindig Chic

Simple white and wooden accents made these pies pop against the draped greenery. And how cute is that fake bakery storefront?!

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Display Parisian Desserts

Carly Michelle Photography

Waffles, macarons, and small cakes dripping in gold were perfect for this Parisian brunch wedding.

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Accent with Florals

Indu Huynh

Fall colors were in full bloom with the floral accents on this spread of whoopie pies, bunt cake and cookies.

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Light Candles

Birds of a Feather

Low candles offered warm light from beneath these tiered serving trays piled with sweets-don't forget about the sweet backdrop as well.

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Frame Your Cake

Kayla Adams

A simple backdrop perfectly framed these cakes and pies at an outdoor venue.

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Double Doughnuts as Party Favors

Abigail Miles Photography

It seems no brunch wedding is complete without donuts-here, they doubled as party favors, with boxes for guests to take them home.

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Decorate with Feathers

Kayla Adams

Wispy, gold-dipped feathers and warm lights amped up this dessert table.

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Use a Funky Table

Kayla Adams

This table's base mimics the cake's criss-cross pattern, making it the perfect table for an overflowing dessert bar.

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Create a Quirky Look

Kelly Anne Photography

Waffles, cake, and donuts served on a table that looks like an ironing board? Quirky and delicious!

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Represent Your Roots

Anna Page Photography

This couple's desserts represented each of their home states, turning a dessert bar into another symbol of their union.

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Swap a Table for a Cabinet

Jennifer Young

You don't have to use a table for your dessert bar. These tarts were served in an open cabinet with floral accents.

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Serve Two Desserts

Jason Smelser

For a brunch wedding, couples have to ask themselves a very important question: donuts or cake? This couple decided not to choose.

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Mix Modern and Boho

Ally Burnette

A simple marble cake is accompanied by equally understated whoopie pies. We love how they stand out against the shibori indigo backdrop-a perfect combo of modern and boho.

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Decorate with Greenery

Harlow and Grey

The ample greenery on this dessert table propped up the assorted sweets.